5 Ways To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

March 30, 2023 8 min read

5 Ways To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

We're getting close to the holiday giving season, which means there will be many presents to decorate and wrap. But, not every gift is created equally. When you set aside some time to wrap your presents covertly, you suddenly notice that one of the items doesn't conform to the standard rectangular shape. Of course, you may always place your item's unique shape into a box and package it conventionally. There are 5 Ways To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts, though, if you cannot find a box or bag handy—and you don't want the finished product to look cheap.

We all eventually encounter the most difficult task: wrapping a genuinely peculiar-shaped object. If you're creative, there are many ways to wrap unique shapes, yet not all people are. We concentrated on techniques for this guide that just need the supplies you're sure to have on hand: wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. Don't worry, dear giver! These are 5 Ways To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts to deliver a flawless product without having a faulty wrap job.


Things to Prepare Before Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

Before you wrap a gift with an unusual form, there are several things you need to have ready. Some of the materials would be difficult to find because they do not have the typical shape of other objects. Among the fundamental supplies are things like:

  • Packaging paper (the thicker, the better)
  • Gift box
  • Sanitary paper (if needed, for fragile items)
  • Precise scissors
  • Tape (go for double-sided for a true professional effect)
  • Ribbon (optional)

But if you lack one or more of the mentioned materials, do not worry. With our 4 Tips on How To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts below, you are free to select whichever of the four tips best suits your taste and your available resources.


5 Ways To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

1.    Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts Using Diagonal Method

Have you ever found yourself with just a small strip of wrapping paper left for the last gift in your bunch and struggling to cover the box fully? Alternatively, maybe you've encountered a large box that won't fit even a full sheet of paper. Fortunately, with the help of some geometric tricks, you can maximize your resources and make it work. Using a diagonal method will help when you are out of paper.

Check out the tutorial at But First, Coffee


2.    Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts Using Wrapping Paper

Step 1: Measure the size of the gift and cut the wrapping paper that fits

 measure the size of the gift and cut the wrapping paper that fits

Firstly, you should select the correct gift wrap before measuring the correct size of the gift. Choose a medium-weight wrapping paper. Choose a sturdy object to keep your gifts. Choose opaque wrapping paper. Make sure you can't see through the paper by holding it up to the light. Choose hues appropriate for the situation. Consider using red, green, or soft yellow colors for your Christmas or baby shower gifts!

To cut the wrapping paper, a good amount of wrapping paper should be unrolled to cover your item. After that, place your object on the paper and raise it up and over it. To make sure the bag will be large enough for your item, trim the paper in which the corners overlap by around 2 in (5.1 cm). Make sure the paper reaches at least two inches past the top and bottom sides of your object (5.1 cm).


Step 2: Tape the ends together so they overlap.

The object you are about to wrap should be set aside after you have cut the paper. Fold the edge of the wrapping paper you recently cut and the border of the paper that runs parallel to it in the same direction. Overlap the borders by roughly one inch (2.5 cm). After that, apply a few lines of tape along that same edge to join the ends.

There is a reminder for you before coming to the next step. When you glue the ends of the paper together, examine the paper's top and bottom margins once again. Make sure they are balanced.

 tape the ends together so they overlap

Step 3: Fold the bottom 12 in (30 cm) of the bag up.

After that, fold the packaging bag up by around 12 inches and place it in the center of the taped portion of the bag (30 cm). Stack the paper so the bottom is 12 inches (30 cm) from the bottom border. To make a crease, run your fingertips along the fold. The basis of the bag is thus formed, and you are ready to come to the next step.



Step 4: Form a diamond by unfolding the folded edge.

Grab the paper in which the sides are glued together and position it in the place across from the taped region. To unfold the pleated portion of the present wrap, ease them away from one another. The diagonal edges should now be creased using your fingertips to create a diamond shape.

As the base of the bag is very likely to collapse, you must be careful to avoid opening the bag's base past the crumpled edge.



Step 5: Fold the tips of the triangles so they are overlapping, and tape them together.

The upper half of the gem and one of the toothed margins should then be placed horizontally in the middle of the diamond. Permit the point to straddle the center by roughly 0.5 inches (1.3 cm). After that, do it again with the bottom of the gem. Put a few strips of tape at the diamond's tips and along its diagonal edges.

If your item weighs a lot, strengthen the bag by adding more tape to the bottom. Carefully tape them together lastly so that they would not overlap.



Step 6: Place the gift inside

Finally, put your gift into the bag by opening it from the top. The bag's top flap should be folded twice. Put 2 to 3 pairs of tape at the back of the final fold after that. On the bag's outside, affix a bow, a curled piece of ribbon, or any other embellishments you want!

If you want, you may also make a hole in the center of the bag's folded edge so that you can attach a tag and a ribbon. It would make the gift more appealing, and the recipient would be happier when seeing the gift!

place the gift inside


3.    Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts Using Crepe Paper

Step 1: Choose a roll of streamer with the color you like

To use streamers made of crepe paper, the important thing you should do first is to choose a color. If you're looking to wrap a Christmas present, choose festive hues like red and green streamers. Instead, if you want to wrap several spheres and tape them together to resemble a snowman, use white streamers! For something like a baby shower gift, stick to pastel colors like baby blue, light yellow, lilac, mint emerald, or light pink, etc.

Then you can get a roll of streamers with the color you have chosen. Streamers are available in gift wrap sections of grocery and medicine stores, as well as party supply shops. Choose the color of the streamers you desire. Objects with a firm surface and unusual shapes respond well to this option.

choose a roll of streamer with the color you like

Step 2: Wrap the item with crepe paper.

After choosing the crepe paper, wrap the streamer a couple of times while keeping the end against the object. This will hold the streamer's end against the object. Crepe paper streamers can be shaped to fit any shape, but begin by winding them obliquely around the middle of the object.

Before you start wrapping, tape the streamer's end to the object for further security.

After that, wrap the object in the crepe paper once more. Moving outwardly from the center, wrap the thing repeatedly with crepe paper. Wrap back toward the center and the opposite end of the item once you have reached one end. To prevent visible sections of the object, make sure the crepe paper edges slightly overlap.

wrap the item with crepe paper


Step 3: Tape the end to secure the streamer.

At the finishing step, tape the end of the gift to secure the streamer. Use a roll of tape to attach the end of the item to the crepe paper after you've totally covered it. You might choose to conceal the tape with a tag or a bow.

If you have several tiny gifts to wrap, tie each one separately in crepe paper before putting them all in a basket or present container to preserve them all together.

tape the end to secure the streamer


4.    Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts Using Tennis Racquet Method (for large, relatively flat gifts)

The final tip to wrap an odd-shaped gift is using the tennis racquet. By using a single layer of wrapping paper, one side of an object with an unusual shape, such as a tennis racquet, guitar, or other flat instruments with rounded edges, is essentially guaranteed to look terrible. Wrapping each side separately will make it that much cleaner than attempting to wrap the item as a whole.

In conclusion, you cleanly wrap one side, exposing some of the tops, and then you flip it so that you cover the other side in an identical manner. Despite the fact that one of the two parts will still appear a little spotty, it will appear far more professional than if you had simply used one piece of paper. Just flip it over, so the attractive side is facing up before hanging it from the tree.

Check out the tutorial at Howdini


5.   Trying Special Ways to Wrap the Gift

Put it in the gift box as usual

First of all, if the item you have has sharp corners or a unique shape, this is a great option. It will be easier to keep the item a surprise until the receiver opens the present if you place it in a box or tube. For the item, you might need a large box. It might be difficult to wrap a large box, and you should always have additional tape and wrapping paper on hand.

If the item is fragile, wrap it with paper or shrink wrap before packing it inside a carton or tube. Before wrapping it as usual, you can glue the carton or tube shut.

put it in the gift box as usual


Cover the item with a blanket or tablecloth

Covering a large item with a blanket or tablecloth is a simple alternative if you lack the time or resources to wrap it. Choose a tablecloth or blanket that will completely enclose the item and is festive or colorful.

To guarantee that the item is concealed, you can put the blanket or tablecloth on top and fold it in at the bottom. Ask the receiver to take off the blanket while you're ready to present the gift.

cover the item with a blanket or tablecloth


Stick a big bow on the item

At the last step, you should put a giant bow on anything that is way too enormous to be wrapped, hidden, or covered! A huge bow can be made or purchased and placed atop the present. Then, when you walk the person to the object, have them close their eyes. The bow will alert them that the object is a gift whenever they open their eyes!

stick a big bow on the item


Bottom Line

It's easy to wrap things that are exactly square, but it can be so irritating to wrap things that aren't square! There is a solution, and you may have it by reading the post and being aware of how to wrap odd-shaped gifts, whether you are attempting to wrap a spherical, pyramid-shaped object or anything substantial like a bicycle.

You can make a unique gift bag to place your thing in, shape-fit your item with crepe paper, or cover the outside of your gift with a carton or blanket. Just use one or more of our four suggestions on how to wrap odd-shaped gifts, and you'll be successful in the end.

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