How To Tie A Gift Bow

March 30, 2023 7 min read

How To Tie A Gift Bow

It's not a particularly difficult or scholarly task to tie a bow on a gift box, but you can surely ask how to tie a gift bow if you have never attached this act before. There are some available techniques on the Internet that you can follow, but if you use the incorrect technique, the box may not sit flat on any surface because the ribbon won't lay straight at the very last step. Alternatively, you can leave excessive or insufficient ribbon lastly for attaching the bow, wasting both ribbon and time by having to start over. Also, if your ribbon is printed or shiny solely on a single side, different areas of the box or bow will probably show the wrong side.

Therefore, to help you solve the problem of not knowing how to tie a gift bow, we have selected some of the most common types of bow and have conscientious steps for each category. We've put together thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to tie the most popular form of the bow to assist you in getting the ideal look and making the most out of your bespoke ribbons and present boxes. Check it out and have the best experience with gift bow tying!


Things To Prepare For A Perfect Tie

things to prepare for a perfect tie

Just like tying some other items, tying a bow does need some basic materials to have the perfect tie. Due to the types of bow you have, the listed things below can be changeable, but here are some typical necessary supplies that you may have to remember:

  • Wrapping paper (just some pieces of paper is enough)
  • A gift bow (of course)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tape (in emergency cases)
  • Ribbon and string (a must)

However, do not panic if you are missing any of the previously mentioned items. You are free to choose whatever of some of our suggestions for wrapping a gift bow below which best suits your preferences and the resources needed.


How To Tie The Basic Perfect Gift Bow

Step 1: Start with a knotted ribbon

No matter what kind of string you use or for what purpose, the basic bow-tying technique is the same. All you need is a ribbon with identically tied ends on the left and right.

If you're making a bow to go on top of something like a box, loop the ribbon under it, pull the ends together over it, then tie a knot at the two ends so they are both the same length. A strip of ribbon that is not really connected to a package can be used to make a bow. Make a knot in the middle of the ribbon so that the lengths of both sides are equal.

start with a knotted ribbon

Step 2: Make a loop with the ribbon's left side.

Some of the loops can be hard to attach. Therefore, you may need some basic technique to tie it tightly in order to have the best gift bow. You can try some of the traditional tips, such as pinching the loop with your forefinger and thumb to keep it in place. Make sure the ribbon is not twisted in case you are tying it.

Moreover, you have to double-check the ribbon so that the loop should be smooth and the knotted string will not fail. As you finish this checking step, follow the next step to complete the loop carefully.

make a loop with the ribbons left side


Step 3: Make another loop

After completing the first loop, wrap the opposite side of the ribbon, this time through and under its left loop. Draw it all through until you finish it in a second, identical-sized loop. Using the same method you use to tie your shoes, you will have a perfect loop bow.

make another loop


Step 4: Tight the bow

If you have finished identifying and completing two loops, you have to tighten the bow at the last step. To make the knot in the loops' middle more secure, pull on them. Make sure the ends are equal in length and the two loops have the exact same size. The bow is finished and you know how to tie the basic perfect bow.

tight the bow


How To Tie A Floral Bow

Step 1: Wrap some ribbon around your hand.

Choose the most high-quality ribbon so that you can tie it easier like a flower. After opting for the right material, wrap some ribbon around your hand to start tying a floral bow.

Wrap the ribbon around the object until it is completely covered, holding the end opposite your hand with your thumb as you go. You should carefully stack each loop you make around your palm on top of the one before it.

wrap some ribbon around your hand


Step 2: Remove them from your hand and fold the ribbon loops in half.

It is not easy to make a floral bow, and this step may need some technique. After wrapping them  around your hand, remove them. After that, fold the ribbon loops in half after removing them from your hand. When taking the loops off, keep a close eye on them to keep them in place.

remove them from your hand and fold the ribbon loops in half


Step 3: Cut the cinch

After folding the ribbon loops in half, cut the cinch. The center folded portion should be facing up while you hold the wrapped loop in one hand. Trim the edge off of both sides of the cinch, the creased midsection, with scissors in the other hand.

There are some cautions you need to pay attention to. Make sure that you have to cut through each layer of the ribbon.  And you should also keep in mind that the cut should be even and to ensure that no layers slip, use a precise, solid snip of the scissors. Moreover, you need to avoid cutting the two corners of the ribbon too closely to the middle so that no bad things can happen.

cut the cinch


Step 4: Tie the cinch with a second ribbon.

After cutting the cinch, you have to make sure that it will be safe. Therefore, to secure the cinch, attach a second ribbon. You can place the second ribbon in the center of the notches you made and secure a knot there. You may additionally utilize a little string or florist wire so that it can be tied tighter.

tie the cinch with a second ribbon


Step 5: Fan out the loops.

From the interior to the outside, divide the loops one at a time. You should gently remove the loops from the middle and turn them in your direction. After that, put the loops in a circular arrangement that resembles a flower. Your bow is now becoming a flower and that is the very last step of how to tie a floral bow.



How To Tie A Looped Bow

Step 1: Make a loop near the bow's left end.

To tie a looped bow, you need to choose a long and attached ribbon so that the steps can be done more fluently. Moreover, opt for a ribbon that is easy to cut. Now you can start by using a lengthy ribbon. The length of the ribbon is based on your bow, but in case you do not know how to measure it correctly, you can follow this average length.

You should cut a ribbon piece that is about 12 inches (30.5 cm) in length for this bow. For an easier tie, you should make a loop that is close to the left end of the bow. Make a loop starting approximately three inches from either the bow's end. After that, use your thumb as well as your forefinger to secure it.

make a loop near the bows left end


Step 2: Loop the right end over the loop to make a second loop.

Furthermore, remember to keep it untangled and straight, or you will not be able to loop it at the end. To make a second loop, loop the right end over the previously completed one. The ribbon ought to now resemble a reversed "S" with tails on either end. Grasp the loops with one hand to prevent them from unraveling.

loop the right end over the loop to make a second loop


Step 3: Continue to loop the ribbon.

continue to loop the ribbon

The remaining ribbon should be looped accordion-style. This step is made to create a mass of loops and two ends that are each an equal length poking out on either side.

Continue the looping act until the ribbon is over. After it is finished, come to the next step.


Step 4: Cinch the center

cinch the center

Now that you have completed looping the ribbon, you will come to the cinching part. This time, the loops should be divided in half by tying them together in the middle with a strip of florist wire or thin string. It will look like an Asian fan, in case you have not imagined it yet.

After that, the left side of the cinch has a pile of loops, and the right side has a pile of loops. And all you can do accordingly is adjust the cinch.


Step 5: Fluff the loops.

When the pinched core is hidden, divide the loops and fluff them up. To add a professional touch, cut the ends into an inverted "V" form using scissors and your gift bow tie is now complete.

fluff the loops


Bottom Line

Initially, it can be hard to tie a gift bow, but if you carefully read the tips we show you on how to tie a gift bow, you will know step-by-step how to do it correctly. And there it is; the completed work will surely be a lovely, symmetrical packaging that consistently displays the most beautiful side of the ribbon.

If you have not chosen which way of tying a gift bow you will do, just have a try on all of our recommendations and you will have your own perfect answer on how to tie a gift bow. We believe that after finishing reading this article, you will have a closer look at how to tie a gift bow and consider it as just a piece of cake in your life.

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