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November 21, 2023 7 min read


Undoubtedly, Christmas is a big "gift-trade" holiday to gift and show your loved ones how important they are for you! Among signature festive gifts, a personalized Christmas gift takes it up a notch. It shows your effort in customizing the product based on the recipient's personality to create a unique gift that no one has the same one. To help you get a great gift, our Christmas gift guide is here to assist you with awesome presents ideas! Now, jump into this guide with us!  

Why should you choose personalized Christmas gifts?

Christmas is a big year-end holiday when people give each other a present to express their love throughout the year. And you want your gifts to be different from other's gifts, right? Some reasons why you should choose personalized Christmas gifts but not signature ones are:

  • One-of-a-kind gift: Once this Christmas gift is customized for your loved one, it is made for them and given to them. That makes a difference from a standard Christmas gift, so that's why it's special! 
  • A personal touch: As a gift is custom-made, it has your personal touch that no one has the same one. Either of names, a special date, or a sweet message, these personal touches create lasting and emotional connections.
  • Meaningful and memorable gift: A personalized gift is made when you've put thought and effort into selecting something unique for the recipient. The gift is on behalf of your message saying: "I care more about you than you think!".  
  • Long-lasting gifts: Even when the holiday ends, personalized gifts can be a keepsake that lasts a lifetime. Its lovable value remains, and your loved ones will feel your love whenever they see this gift.  
  • Versatility: Personalization can be available in various gifts, like clothing, accessories, and home decor. This versatility gives you more choice to get the favorite personalized gift on your Christmas list.

Special personalized gifts for your loved ones

Gifts for Family

Custom Ornament

A small and classic Christmas gift like an ornament, but it holds lots of your love to give your family. To personalize ornaments, you can change the design, text, and color that speaks out that person’s style.


Count down to the Christmas day with a calendar. What makes it special is that all the happy memories with your family members during the year are written on each month's page. 

Ugly Sweaters

You can make something new, like wearing a uniform with your family members, by getting these ugly sweaters. They also play the role of making everyone laugh out loud because of funny faces, quirky images, or an inside joke printed on.  

Personalized Doormat

Ring, ring! Welcome your guests to join your family Christmas party with a warm hug of a personalized doormat. A small custom design can tell how much effort you put in this Christmas!  

Gifts for Mom

Personalized Blanket
Embrace your mom to show your love by gifting this personalized blanket. Customizing the blanket with her name or picture will impress her the first time she sees it. 

Custom Pillow

Personalize your chosen pillow by adding your mom’s name or your message; a unique Christmas gift is ready to give! It’s a thoughtful gift to help her sleep well every night. 

Custom Canvas/Poster

You can express how much you adore your mom by giving this special custom poster/canvas this Christmas. Choose a design matching her style, then add a personal touch by printing her name.

Personalized Acrylic Plaque

If you want a pretty keepsake customized for your mom, a heartfelt acrylic plaque is not a bad idea, though. It will be her favorite room decor so far! 


Women cannot resist the beauty of a necklace, and neither does your mom. This necklace gift with your personal touch is perfect to give your mom a surprise on the gifting time! 

Gifts for Dad

Docking Station

Gifting your dad this Christmas is not hard with a practical gift - a docking station. Besides its organizing function, the personalization is a highlight that makes this unique gift!

Custom Mug

Just a normal mug doesn’t make your dad amazed. But with a custom one, he does! Think carefully and personalize the mug to match his style so he will be delighted when receiving it from you.


A stylish and even customized watch will be his favorite Christmas gift for sure! Wearing this watch with any outfit, his look will be cooler and more charismatic.  

Personalized Wallet

A useful and heartfelt Christmas gift is easy to find if you get this leather wallet. The inner side of the wallet is customized with a chosen picture/symbol or message, which is so thoughtful of you as a son/daughter to your dad! 

Gifts for Couples

Custom Ornament

On Christmas, hanging a custom ornament will make a difference with other normal ornament decor. This personal ornament is a lovely way to mark the special time you and your lover have spent together!

LED Light

Switch this pretty LED light on to see your lover before sleeping. In the shop, you can pick your favorite light and customize it. That will be a confession to him/her on Christmas!

Personalized Keychain

What is a sweet couple gift that your lover can take everywhere? A personalized keychain is an awesome answer to a gift this Christmas.  

Personalized Acrylic Plaque

To gift your lover a Christmas gift to cherish, an acrylic plaque is always on the top list. With various romantic designs, just pick the plaque you like most and add your personal touch to make it a one-of-a-kind present! 

Gifts for Friends

Custom Shirt

Make a dress code with your friends by getting these adorable Christmas shirts. You just select the design that matches the style you want and customize it. Then, wait for a great Christmas gift from Loveable to arrive! 


Get a relaxing time by getting a scented candle. The special thing about this candle doesn’t stop you from gifting it on Christmas; you can surprise your friend with its personal touch!  

Custom Mug

A mug customized with a message, name, or even the recipient’s face will make the gift much more special. Normal but unique, your friend deserves to get this cute mug as a Christmas gift! 

Gifts for Kids

Custom ornament

This Christmas, let’s make ornaments much more special than usual by personalizing them! When you let your kids hang them, they will be excited since their faces are on the Christmas tree.


By customizing a sack with kids’ faces, they can recognize their Christmas gift bag from seeing their picture. It is such a cute idea to give your kids a special present unexpectedly! 

LED Light

It is not a bad idea to give your kid an adorable LED light as a Christmas gift, right? Designed and customized following kid’s favor, your little one will put it on the desk and use it as a new night light!  

Wooden Sign

Do you think your kid will love a wooden sign as a Christmas gift? With your personal touch to match their style, your little one will turn out to be happy when receiving this pretty sign! 

Memorial Gifts

Custom Ornament

Put your love into personalizing an ornament and tell that a lost loved one is still in everyone's heart, especially on a big holiday like Christmas. Hanging it on the Christmas tree shows your appreciation for his/her soul's presence at the moment! 


Give this scented candle to your loved one who lost their special person! When they smell, their mind will be calm and peaceful, which is a great way to appease them and help them overcome a hard time.

Wind Chime

When hearing a melodic and soft sound from a wind chime, everyone will feel pleasant. So, it is a custom Christmas memorial gift to say that our lost loved ones are always by our side to support us! 

Personalized Blanket

On a top list of memorial gifts, a blanket - especially a custom one, will be a great memorial gift to give your loved one. By personalizing the name, message, or picture, the blanket is like a warm and pampering hug from their lost one.

Tips before sending personalized Christmas gifts

When ordering, getting a qualified personalized Christmas gift is what you expect, right? Here are some of our advice to have a happy shopping experience at the Loveable store:

  • Right time: a personalized gift takes more time to complete, so you should order early (maybe 2-3 weeks) to ensure the gift arrives right at Christmas time.
  • Recipient's taste: You should think of the receiver's interests, hobbies, and styles as customizing the chosen item. Your final goal is to make a meaningful and unique gift for them.
  • Quality check: A high-quality custom item needs to be focused on. A well-made gift makes a difference that the recipient can keep as a keepsake or use it for a long time.
  • Discount program: Don't forget to subscribe to the Loveable website and check your mail frequently to get a great deal this Christmas! You can get a qualified gift in exchange for less money.

Why should you choose Loveable?

When you come to Loveable, our personalized products will express your affection and appreciation to people you love to gift in a special way. We always prioritize product quality, ensuring your Christmas shopping is satisfied. Plus, our customer service, from ordering to delivery, is mainly focused on helping you give your custom gift to your loved one as planned.  

This Christmas year, explore a world of personalized gifts with Loveable to create a memorable festive with the ones you adore. Each custom gift you give will show how thoughtful and caring you are to your loved ones! 

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