13 Best Ways To Make A Gift Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper

March 21, 2023 7 min read

13 Best Ways To Make A Gift Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper


Gift bags are a popular and convenient way to present a gift, but they can be quite expensive to purchase. Fortunately, it's easy to make your own gift bag out of wrapping paper with a few simple steps. In this article, we'll explore the 13 best ways to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper. Whether you're looking to save money, get creative, or add a personal touch to your gift-giving, these techniques will help you create beautiful and functional gift bags that are sure to impress. So, let's dig deep into it and discover how to make the perfect gift bag for any occasion! 


Things To Prepare Before Make A Gift Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper

First, to make a simple paper gift bag, you must prepare a few basic things. About wrapping paper, you can use almost any kind of paper to make paper bags, such as brown kraft paper, patterned scrapbooking paper, or wrapping paper. Cardstock, on the other hand, is not a good choice because it is too stiff. If the paper is too big, you can just cut it down to size. Make sure it's in the shape of a rectangle. If you want your gift bag to look even fancier, you could use fancy wrapping paper with glittered or flocked designs.

In addition, you can change the theme and customize your gift bag for different occasions just by decorating or embellishing your wrapping paper. If you are using plain, solid-colored paper, like kraft paper, it would be a good idea to decorate it. It will look less like a paper sack and more like a gift bag. Use paint and stencils to make some pretty patterns on it. You can also make a simple pattern with a rubber stamp, an ink pad, and paint or acrylic paint.

How To Make A Gift Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper In 13 Ways 

Classical Style Gift Bag

This one-of-a-kind gift bag is sure to be the focal point of any holiday or special occasion gift exchange. You have to admit, it looks quite sophisticated and pricey, right? This stunning bag's exterior is brown and features white snowflakes. The magnificent thick red ribbon is what ties this lovely purse together. You'll need only five materials to make this present bag: wrapping paper, string, ribbon, double-sided tape, and scissors. 

Tutorial: check out how to do it at  WRAPSIR

Simple Style Gift Bag

This simple pattern and shape gift bag is perfect for any occasion, and it's super easy to make too. Cute small gift bags with ribbon handles and exquisite patterns all over them are the best. Polka dots are the most delicate and feminine motif possible. You'll have a wonderful time recreating these gorgeous gift bags. In addition, free Christmas gift tags designed to fit these bags are available for download in the book. Do you not agree that this is ideal for the holiday season?

Tutorial: Check out how to do it at the happier homemaker

Luxury Style Bag

Among the gift-wrapping methods that I mentioned in this article, this gift-wrapping technique is a little different. This method of Chloe Crabtree can be used to wrap objects with irregular shapes. If your gift is more than just square or round, you should definitely refer to it this way. In addition, with the type of paper bag as instructed, you will find it very luxurious. However, depending on your aesthetic taste, you can change the type of wrapping paper to your liking.

Tutorial: Check out how to do it at celebrateanddecorate

Christmas Gift Bag

It's almost Christmas, so let's get cracking on those pretty gift bags to present to our loved ones. Putting your present in this bag will make it look even more beautiful under the tree. Naturally, as it is intended for Christmas presents, it is preferable to prepare wrapping paper in various sizes since you cannot wrap a baseball bat and a book for your parents in the same wrapping paper sizes. In addition, if you follow the tutorial and use blue wrapping paper, you should add some red touches, such as a ribbon, to make the gift more in keeping with the holiday spirit.

Tutorial: check out the tutorial at themakeyourownzone

Green Style Paper Bag

What do you think of this bag, which features an extremely cool and refreshing color palette? This bag is perfect for carrying cosmetics, hair care items, or spa supplies as a present. The lucky recipient will undoubtedly assume that you splurged on a high-end gift bag. In addition, this amazing guide not only shows you how to wrap a gift and make a bag out of wrapping paper, but it also has templates you can download, print, and fold to make bags. Isn't that wonderful? If you're new to the process and finding it hard to understand, this template is for you!

Tutorial: Check out the tutorial at marthastewart

Easy DIY Paper Bag

Sometimes simplicity is just what we need. Let's say you are hosting a birthday party for your kids at home and want to give candy and sweets to their friends. These adorable bags will be your saviors. It's perfect for building sweet little things. You can also choose between a multitude of wrapping paper patterns to make the bags pop. For kids, you can get the striped one, and for adults, you can get the plain one. So, are you ready to give it a shot?

Tutorial:  Check out the tutorial at cleverpoppy

Paper Bag For Birthday

Like the gift bags I mentioned above, this style of folding gift bag is especially good for cute girls. This color and style are also great for making Valentine's Day gifts for kids. Not only that, but Kara Whitten also gives you three different ways to fold the bag in this article. After putting the gift in the bag, you can add more soft paper to keep the gift safe and make it look nicer.

Check out the tutorial at abeautifulmess

Paper Bag for Little Girls

This bag can be used as a gift for any female friend because of its femininity. This is a pure folding bag, so you won't need glue or tape. You've probably used up all your glue wrapping so many gifts, but you still need to wrap more. Well, here's the perfect solution: just use these gift bags! This guide shows you how to make a beautiful gift bag without glue. To make sure you don't make any mistakes, you'll need to follow the instructions step by step. The first time you make this gift bag, it will only take a few minutes.

Check out the tutorial at Loveja.

Gift Bag With Custom Letter


The idea of ​​this amazing gift bag is that you can add anyone's name to it. The letter that represents the recipient's name will make them feel like a gift designed just for them. Pre-made gift bags can be very costly and are often not adaptable to the recipient's tastes. If you create your own, the wrapping paper can be any color, any shape, and have any design you like. Isn't it fantastic that you may personalize it to fit your skills and interests? To complete this task, you'll need scissors, scotch tape, a rectangular hole punch, ribbon, wrapping paper, and a few other odds and ends. 

Check out the tutorial at designertrapped

Winter Them Gift Bag

Many kids and adults find comfort in watching Frozen. If you or your kids are fans of Elsa or Olaf, this style will be a great choice for your gift bag. This bag is perfect for winter. They have ribbon handles and snowflakes that sparkle. You can also add stickers and decorations from Disney Frozen to decorate the outside. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by both adults and children. You can also use scrapbook paper to make a gift box by folding it in the same way that this guide shows. 

Check out the tutorial at momsandcrafters

Gift Bag For Your Little Puppy

If you already have a gift for your dog, this bag will be perfect for carrying it. Designated with lovely footprint patterns, this gift bag has a nice vertical shape and a green bow at the top that makes it look perfect. Gather the supplies and then follow the instructions step by step to get started on this project. You will only need a few things: wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, and glue. You can adjust the fit by using a different wrapper or by adding new components. Your little friend with very surprised by this!

Check out the tutorial at Queen of random.

Origami Gift Bag

You are an origami lover, and here's a beautiful origami gift bag! Are you an origami expert looking for a challenge this season? This bag will mainly use the folded form. Well, you may use this tutorial as a blueprint for making gift bags, which is the best possible solution. If you make these gift bags, you can give them as presents. It's also not limited to wrapping paper; regular printing paper works just as well for this present bag.

Check out the tutorial at ZIZ origami.

Gift Bag For December 12th

Another beautiful bag for Christmas, just like the one above, but this one has changed to the cute reindeer pattern, Or sometimes you just want to keep it simple like this one.

Check out the tutorial at happywifestyle and celebrateanddecorate

Bottom Line

In conclusion, making gift bags out of wrapping paper is a fun and creative way to personalize your gift-giving experience. With the 13 best ways how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper listed in this article, you can easily create beautiful and unique gift bags for any occasion. So next time you need to wrap a gift, consider making your own gift bag and adding a special touch to your present.

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