How To Wrap A Gift: 6 Steps To Wrap Your Present Perfectly

March 21, 2023 6 min read

How To Wrap A Gift: 6 Steps To Wrap Your Present Perfectly

Finding the ideal gifts for friends and family is such pleasure and satisfaction. Who doesn't enjoy watching someone's face light up as they open a gift and are overjoyed to find it to be exactly what they were hoping for the entire year? Nevertheless, keep in mind that recipients are just as delighted with your skillful wrapping work once thrown away. 

To help you learn how to wrap a gift like a pro, we have served you 6 Steps To Wrap Your Present Perfectly. Don't give up if your first few attempts don't have the incredibly precise corners and clear lines you want because practice makes perfect. So begin honing your wrapping techniques by grabbing your favorite bubble wrap, sharp scissors, high-quality ribbon, and double-sided tape.

Things to prepare before wrapping a gift box

Getting ready is always a crucial phase that you shouldn't skip. Once you go looking for them in the present box shop, ribbon shop, wrapping paper shop, or, in some rare circumstances, souvenir shop, you may easily find all the materials.

We advise using your imagination while choosing your ribbon in order to give your package some flair. Consider covering the box in several layers of ribbon or adding a sizable bow. Put your gift in a box as a courtesy to yourself. Don't forget as well. A set of comfy scissors with a sharp blade. When you're dealing with a ton of gifts to wrap, it can serve as your most reliable assistance.

How To Wrap A Gift Perfectly

Step 1: Check the materials attentively

If you are the one who never knows how to wrap a gift box, read this step conciously. When beginning to wrap a gift, the first thing to remember to do is to thoroughly inspect the supplies that you have prepared. Decide what kind of gift you'll be wrapping and how much wrapping paper you'll need. After that, take careful measurements to determine how much of each material is required to wrap a gift in the best and most economical manner.

Before wrapping the gift, you should also take into consideration the color, shape, and feel of each material. The sort of wrapping paper and decorations you use should reflect the situation and the occasion, as well as the mood of the day. However, there is no need to be too fussy with this step if you have prepared all the ingredients, so let us continue to the next step right away!


Check the materials attentively

Step 2: Put the fragile items carefully in the center

Be cautious while wrapping if your gift is a cup, a glass bottle, or something else that is extremely fragile. The packaging for breakable products must be tight and prevent the items from shifting.

You can look at our helpful advice. The box can be kept shut by using a little amount of tape. Try to maintain that delicate object in the middle as well. Carefully place the delicate item in the middle to safeguard it. Also, wrap it more carefully in several small pieces of paper or styrofoam before delivering it to the receiver to ensure that it is never damaged.

Step 3: Estimate the right amount of material

As was already mentioned, before moving on to the execution process, you must estimate the quantity of supplies required. The estimate, nevertheless, is inadequate. To avoid leaving any unnecessary material for the visual of the box while gift-wrapping, materials must be precisely measured and trimmed.

Consider measuring the box's length, breadth, and height before cutting the wrapping paper to wrap it, for instance, to ensure that the ingredients do not overlap when you wrap the gift. When using tape, pay close attention to the excess. Cut the ribbon to the proper length before wrapping and tying it to finish the gift wrapping to give the item the finest appearance possible.

Step 4: Fold the paper on all sides

Put the carton box facedown over the top of your present wrap and cut the paper while leaving the roll intact. To create a wide enough piece of paper to cover both sides of the box, use scissors to trim the paper along one edge. Pull the paper tautly up and over the far end of the box when positioned at the same side of the table as the roll. Apply double-sided tape, then use your thumb and forefinger to make creases in the material along the box's edge.

Do not forget to fold the opposite side of the paper. Fold the top flap down. Sharply score the top of the box, then score it once again where the paper reaches the bottom border. Along that bottom crease, cut the paper. On the opposite open end of the box, repeat steps four through six. Complete all sides by drawing sharp lines along the edges with your thumb and fingers pressed together


Fold the paper on all sides

Step 5: Knot with strings or ribbon 

At the very last step, place the wrapped box on a ribbon and face it down.   Ribbon ends are pulled up, and the right end is crossed over the left. Therefore, you should p Pull them apart so that they cross, and then overturn the box. Two ends of the ribbon should be around the same length. As demonstrated, tuck each end under the ribbon that has previously fastened.

You can tie the ribbon to make it look like a bow by double-knotting it. The loops can be shaped using your fingertips. To produce forked ends, pinch the ribbon ends lengthwise and cut at a 45-degree angle, as indicated. That's all, you just need to do some more extra things before gifting.

Step 6: Finish with additional touches

Any different kinds of colorful gift tags or ornamental bows can be added to your present. A gift card doesn't need to be wrapped; simply tuck it inside a card and add a clever inscription, and you're done. You can add handcrafted elements to make it more personal, such as a message written by hand or a note decorated outside of the box, to let the receiver know how much you mean to them.

Maybe you could put a cartoon sticker or something else that interests you both. With a large ribbon placed around their necks, stuffed animals are acceptable. Once you've completed your first package, the others should go quickly. Your beloved recipient will also be impressed by your wrapping abilities and ask you how to wrap a gift box perfectly like this.


Finish with additional touches

Tips for Wrapping Gifts 

Stick to a color palette

When selecting your Christmas gift wrap, consider using a unified color scheme. If your gift wrap, bows, and other embellishments are all coordinated, you are able to quickly grab each part and know it will match. Furthermore, everything will look lovely under the tree. Consider glossy silver and gold and medallists, typical red and green, or a modern look on all black and white material accented with red.


Stick to a color palette

Adding embellishments to decorate your gift

Once you've finished wrapping, dress up the gift by adding embellishments to decorate the outside of the package. This may be as basic as a ribbon, but we should take it a step further. You can make a lovely notch with a lovely and pretty small ribbon; it may work occasionally. Sometimes embellishments follow present wrapping trends, so go easy on yourself and just adorn what you like.


Adding embellishments to decorate your gift

Get away from the blunt scissor

If you've ever attempted to trim a piece of present wrapping with rusty scissors, you know how unwieldy the resulting torn edge is. Also, it takes a bit of time to fiddle with or re-cut. A good set of scissors will enhance your gift wrapping considerably easier. Sharpening dull scissors blades is another option. A great pair of pruning shears is thought to help you to cut through a single sheet of plastic wrappers swiftly and efficiently, or even double up on slicing through many paper rolls in order to package equivalent gifts all at once.

Place your paper top down

When it's time to wrap your gift, lay it top-down on that material. Fold one part of the paper slightly past the edge of the gift and fold it to conceal the cut edge (the white section). Fold the short sides of the box down to produce long flaps that cover one of the open sides; continue with the other side. Lastly, fold the edges of the wrapped box with your finger and thumb. The most important thing to remember is that you should never put tape on it.

The Bottom Line

Though wrapping a gift can be hard for a person who has never had any experience in these skills before, with our  6 Steps To Wrap Your Present Perfectly, you will find it easy to make a wrap like a pro with literally no obstacles. Try to check all the steps thoroughly and we make sure that you will have the best box wrapping ever in your whole life.

After reading this article, you can be a master in gift wrapping and no longer ask questions like how to wrap a gift anymore. Share with your friends about these useful tips and start wrapping right now!

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