6 Simple Steps To Wrap a Book for a Surprise Gift

May 17, 2023 4 min read

6 Simple Steps To Wrap a Book for a Surprise Gift

Are you seeking a special and creative approach to delivering a book as a gift? While giving a book is obviously a nice gesture, packaging it in a distinctive way may make it much more significant. A beautifully wrapped book not only adds an added element of excitement to the gift-giving experience but also shows the recipient how much you care. Good packing will show how you are careful in preparing this gift in order to express sincerity. However, you must do it yourself instead of getting support from another party. A good book should have a good cover, right?

Nevertheless, let's face it, wrapping a book may be difficult. Its form and size may not fit precisely into a normal gift bag or box, so make sure the wrapping is both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

So, how to wrap a book? what's the answer? In this post, we will look at six excellent methods to wrap a book for a surprise gift that will leave your loved ones impressed. Prepare to elevate your gift-giving game to the next level. Let's go right in and discover the world of book wrapping!

Some necessary tools to wrap a book


some necessary tools to wrap a book

It's always necessary to have enough material needs before beginning. Basically, the materials for gift wrap are not expensive. It's just some simple things, but you still have to carefully pick up the best ones to make it as easy as possible. They include Gift Wrap, Tissue Paper, Tape, Scissors, Ribbons & Bows. You can also prepare something else to make the gift special, such as a message letter. However, these things above are compulsory first.

Step 1. Using Tissue Paper to Wrap the Book


First and foremost, put the wrapping paper lie on a flat and then place the book so that it fits the paper. It's only a brief step that improves the overall look of a well-wrapped present. The color of your wrap paper choice will partly show the meaning of the gift and cover the book from slight impacts.

Step 2. Lay out enough paper to completely cover the book


lay out enough paper to completely cover the book

Make sure that your wrapping paper is enough to cover the entire book. Therefore, there are good spaces to adjust the form of the book. Firstly, put the front of the book down completely close to the paper and fold the left and right long sides in to meet in the middle. Use your fingers to press the creases to look sharp and detailed.

If you choose the small one, it will reveal the gift inside. On the other hand, a piece of paper that is too big will make the gift sloppy and unattractive. Don't be too picky to look for perfection, as long as your wrapping was done up carefully and can cover the entire book, it's good.

Step 3. Tape Inside Edges to the Tissue Paper


tape inside edges to the tissue paper

This is considered the most difficult part that requires you to be really skillful. Start folding the 2 edges of the book first and then work with the other 2 edges. Do it carefully because the wrapping paper is quite thin and easy to tear.

Fold one edge of the paper end diagonally to form a triangle. Then repeat for the opposite side. Finally, fold the paper to the front of the book, making it symmetrical.

Step 4. Tape and Crease the Edges


tape and crease the edges

Then, just fold and tape that points into the book. Repeat the process on the other end. Your points should ideally meet directly at your center seam. Cut off the leftover wrapping paper to make it totally fit with each other (if there are some excess papers).

Step 5. Tie ribbon, twine, or fabric around the gift


tie ribbon twine or fabric around the gift

This is the step to creating your own design. Wrap a book in a gorgeous piece of tie ribbon, twine, or fabric using your imagination. Ribbon and twine will be more common for rustic style; Meanwhile, fabric with a pliable texture will be subtle to make the gift unique. You may choose neutral colors to match your paper, or use eye-catching accent colors for a genuine appeal. Beside, you can make the gift more unique with some extra decorations. As mentioned, a message letter is an attractive idea to make clear your heart. Some labels, logos or mini-picture are also good reminders of memories.

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Final Thought

There are some basic yet elegant wrapping techniques for more intricate and imaginative creations. There are alternatives for every occasion and ability level, so whether you're new to gift wrapping or a seasoned master, you'll be able to discover the right solution for your present.

Wrapping a book for a surprise present may be a creative and enjoyable way to show someone you care. You may create a stunning and distinctive gift presentation with items you already have at home or by purchasing a few inexpensive resources. You'll be able to surprise your loved ones with a meaningful and memorable gift if you use these 6 Simple Steps To Wrap a Book for a Surprise Gift.

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