How To Put Tissue Paper In A Gift Bag: Easy Steps With Pictures

March 21, 2023 4 min read

How To Put Tissue Paper In A Gift Bag: Easy Steps With Pictures

Nothing is as exciting as receiving a gift from a mystery giver, especially one that comes in a festive gift bag with gorgeous tissue paper peeking out of the top. Yet, it's often a hassle to stuff tissue paper into a gift bag without tearing or creasing the paper, leading to a messy appearance and a gift that looks less than its best. For that reason, this article provides advice on how to put tissue paper in a gift bag quickly and easily with minimal tearing, creasing, and aggravation.

Tips To Prepare Gift Bag And Tissue Paper

To begin wrapping your gift, gather all the necessary supplies, including a gift bag, a card, ribbons, tissue paper, and the item you wish to present. Follow these helpful tips to ensure that you properly arrange the tissue paper in the gift bag and avoid common gift-wrapping mistakes:

  1. Remember to remove any price tags from the bag before stuffing it with tissue paper.
  2. Choose tissue paper in colors that complement the gift bag to enhance the presentation.
  3. Select a gift bag that is the appropriate size for your gift to avoid using one that is too small or too big.
  4. Avoid using wrinkled tissue paper, as it can detract from the overall appearance of the gift.
  5. Be mindful of how much tissue paper you use, as using too little or too much can affect the presentation.
  6. If you plan on using ribbon curls as a decorative element, make sure to have ribbon curling shears or pre-curled ribbons on hand.
  7. Choose a gift bag that is 2 to 3 times bigger than your gift for a tasteful presentation.

2 Easy Ways To Put Tissue Paper In A Gift Bag

Method 1: Put wrapping paper first

Step 1: Spread wrapping paper on the table


Open each tissue paper entirely. The paper will have additional heft and presence in the bag as a result of this. Filling the paper out to its fullest extent will make the bag appear to be stuffed. Tissue paper is delicate and easily torn or crumpled, so make sure to work on a smooth surface like a table or the floor to avoid damaging the paper. 

Step 2: Line the gift bag's bottom and sides.

To prepare your gift bag, begin by lining its bottom and sides. Then, arrange tissue paper sheets in a way that they protrude from the top of the bag. For an eye-catching presentation, opt for colors that complement your gift. Place one sheet of each color at a time and ensure each sheet is at a right angle to the previous one. This arrangement creates an illusion of multiple colors bursting from the bag's top. Once you have inserted all the lining sheets, adjust the protruding tissue paper to achieve a cohesive and pleasing look.

Step 3: Put the gift in the bag

If your bag is see-through, make sure you can't see them through the sides. Be careful not to crease or tear the tissue paper you just put in the bag as you do this, and make sure the size of the gift and the gift bag is matched. 

Step 4: Wrap one or two sheets of tissue around the gift.

  1. Put these in the bag neatly, so it doesn't look like you were in a hurry.
  2. Check how the package is wrapped. The tissue paper shouldn't look wrinkly, torn, or like it was just thrown in the bag without any thought.
  3. Nothing about the gift should show or change the shape of the bag.

Method 2: Wrap the present with paper

Step 1: Wrap the gift in white tissue paper loosely.

When wrapping a gift, it's important not to use tape that is too tight, as it can make it difficult for the recipient to remove the wrapping. Additionally, if the gift is fragile, you should take extra precautions to protect it. Consider wrapping it in multiple layers of paper or using soft cloth or newspaper to provide added cushioning and preserve the gift.

Step 2: On a flat surface, place 3 or 4 sheets of tissue paper.

After spreading 3 to 4 layers of soft wrapping paper on a flat surface, place the gift that has just been wrapped in a single layer in the middle. Note that you can use more or less wrapping paper depending on the size of the gift. If the gift is very small, you should use half the size of the wrapping paper. 

Step 3: Place the wrapped gift in the center of the tissue paper sheets.

Put the wrapped gift in the middle of the tissue paper sheets. This will make it look like your tissue paper is spread out evenly in the gift bag. Make sure the present is in the middle of the tissue paper. In the case the gift is long, you should put it on an angle.

Step 4: Gather the tissue paper loosely around the gift.

Wrap the gift with tissue paper in a loose way. Bring the opposite corners of the wrapping paper over the present. Lightly crumple the paper right above the gift, but leave as few wrinkles as possible in the rest of the paper. Be careful not to tear the paper as you do this step.

Step 5: Lift the gift and place it in the bag.

To place the gift inside the gift bag, pick it up from the bottom to avoid tearing the paper and avoid lifting it by the edges of the paper. Next, gently arrange the tissue paper on top of the gift in the bag according to your preference. Be careful not to handle the paper too much at this stage, as excessive handling can cause it to become wrinkled and appear worn.

After that, if it needs to, you can add more tissue paper. This can give your gift more pop and color if you feel like it's missing something.

Bottom Line 

We hope that with the suggestions above, you will know how to put tissue paper in a gift bag. These tips are very simple and will definitely help you to prepare a perfect gift to give to your loved ones. 

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