Loveable Announcement: New Blog Feature For A Better Branding!

June 19, 2024 2 min read

Loveable Announcement: New Blog Feature For A Better Branding!

About Us - Loveable

Loveable project was first nurtured by a passionate dream of developing a POD (print-on-demand) service to give a personalized gift to beloved customers. After lots of market research and careful consideration, a combination of creativity and customization - Loveable was established in 2021. 

Our journey started small yet steadily; we idealized and crafted custom gifts for family, friends, and other special occasions. Through receiving positive responses and the desire to bring a greater shopping experience, we are encouraged to expand our scope, offering our service to more audiences.

Blog Feature Announcement

Starting in 2024, through some changes, a decision has been made about our business, especially regarding marketing approach and customer experience. This new domain - will become our blog website, where you can read and get great gift ideas through blogs.

We also focus on developing this store domain: By moving to a new blog domain and enhancing a store domain, we would love to bring more qualified personalized gifts for our loyal and new customers.

For more specific, some reasons for this transition include:

  • Offer better customer service: For a domain mainly about POD gifts will leave a clearer branding of what our site is about and what we sell to our customers.
  • Have a better marketing effect: Separating Loveable and Avada Group will significantly improve the SEO effectiveness of both websites and avoid confusion for users and search engines.
  • Prepare a breakthrough change: Loveable promises to send more fantastic gift ideas in the future. Meanwhile, we will make a top-POD site that brings users useful information.  

What we will do for Loveable’s development:

  • Website moving: Gradually merge the old blog site with the new one
  • Product development: Concentrate on developing unique ideas for Loveable that people will appreciate on the store site
  • Create more valuable blog posts: Develop more high-quality Loveable blog content on the new domain, which serves as the official information channel for Loveable.

The Last Words,

With these changes, we commit to continue enhancing our service for better shopping experiences, especially for our cherished customers. What we desire to do will welcome more ideas for greater personalized gifts that meet your requirements. So, your support and understanding are our appreciation for keeping us standing to be a better version of this journey! Thank you and don’t forget to follow our social media: Facebook, Pinterest, X (Twitter) and Linkedin to catch every new idea and information.